Find great deals on eBay for RCA 6SL7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. $ or over (2). Production Status. New Old Stock (6); New Production (3). Type. Vacuum Tubes (9). 6SL7. JJ 6SL7 Preamp Vacuum Tube. $ JJ-6SL7 .

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Like all premium quality, high demand tubes, these are always in short supply and continue to be harder and more expensive to find! Can’t find a particular tube? If you want to use any material from my blog please contact me by email. A few have other brands on the label, but are RCA made. New Old Stock original Box.

6SL7 / VT / – Tubes for Amps

They usually have black plates although later production units have gray plates. Tubes will be pulled at random. Here is a summary of what is most often available: They have also nearly disappeared. Early Version made in the 40’s and early 50’s.

Quantity in Stock new listing categories: All medium glass envelopes, clearglass greyglass on two Tung Sols. This s dated military vintage redbase is a very good, very rare dual triode. These are virtually the same as the The tube is in its original box, which is in fair to good condition.

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Of course, any time you need a large quantity of tubes of any type, is is a good idea to email us for a stock check first. 6l7 high price is justified by their high quality and demand in the market.

VinylSavor 6sk7 26, at Beautiful photography and excellent information as usual. Return to the Main tube page. Prices are on the way up because of this. These are great matched pairs, get 6sl real at a savings!

This is the early version of this tube, from the s, with an internal RF shield sprayed on the inside of the glass. This great tube gives a great sound and will last a long time.

The 6SL7 is a high-mu twin triode in an octal based glass package. These milspec versions are an endangered species, and stocks may be wiped out when the series of tubes vanish.

Construction Highlights – black plates, loktal type. Posted by VinylSavor at Maybe the best 6SL7 to ever grace your ears! All have extra support rods and mica, and are very rugged tubes that sound wonderful.


For most uses, Gm matching is fine. Stock levels with actual quantity on hand shown are being phased out as we update inventory. Scarce tubes, hard to keep in stock. Also have a few pairs of the much older black cylindrical plates, same price. Early versions have an RF shield sprayed on inside the glass greyglassand then since about were made of clearglass.

Whenever you see the bright plates, even in tall boy glass with bottom getters they were most likely made by GE. It’s factor is 70, whereas the 6SN7 is only 20, therefore these two tubes are not interchangeable.

New Old Stock original box. Many of these tubes are in military packaging but do not carry the “W” desigination as 6sl believe that the “W” designation didn’t come until after the war.