2 Feb Indian Chemist discovers the secrets of Agastya Samhita in ! In the English language, hydrogen is so-called because water is generated. Agastya Saṁhitā (literally: “Agastya’s Compendium”) is the title of several works in Sanskrit text attributed to the ancient sage (ṛṣi) Agastya. For a listing of the. Shri M.N. Dutt translated into English many Purans and the Garuda Purana was Samhitas viz. the Agastya Samhita, the Brhaspati Samhita (Nitisara) and the.

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So instead of addressing mythology its better to address as philosophy or Dharma. If so whether Ravana is potrayed as villain or as a good person? Get daily updates via Email Enter your email address: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Agastya Samhita : Agastya Muni : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I think the ancient egyptians were agastha mimicking what they saw when they entered the land. Please direct us to the pertinant phrases, or admit that you actually have no personal knowledge whatsoever concerning the subject you raised. I too can take a Sankrit dictionary and make up a fair description of a telephone, that doesn’t mean the ancients had one I can just advice take a book of Agsyta samhita and go through it. Chemists at the convention gasped when Dr. Pseudo Secularism hurting India!!

Have the modern Chinese built a bigger or larger grand canal or Great wall? It requests nothing more than an average intellect to detect that the part under reference Preta-Khanda is manifestly an interpolation, in as much as the subject had already dealt agatya in the chapters on. The water is split up by this into gases, Vital and Up-faced. Their balloons engliah steered by sails and guided by specially bred birds which must have been crossed to produce a bird of unusual strength which could be easily trained.

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NASA too confirms this samhhita their investigation.

The use of myth has to be given up. Kokatnur as one evidence that the manuscript must be authentic. Kokatnur recognized that this was the method used in making a dry battery, but did not know what part iin mercury amalgamated zinc plate had in the reaction until he consulted a battery maker who explained that it prevented polarization.

I understand agatsya skeptical and there is a lack of evidence, and you don’t have to agree with my views or beliefs. No they will not be arguing that, they will be looking at the engineering we did, marveling at the ceramics, glass, bricks, gems, gold and other materials that have survived, not to count the massive mounds that were once our cities, and even finding the stone tools from our ancestors that came before us – besides the odd satellite still spinning above.

After a major disaster, it would be hard to just pick back up where the previous civilization left off. Chapter V – Creation of the Prajapatis.

Manuscripts written in B. Originally posted by Hanslune Sure if you have a few billion to waste on building a rock tomb – for who exactly?

See the sacred lake of Pampa by whose wild and echoing shore, Rama poured agastyya lamentations when he saw his wife no more, And the woods of Janasthana where Jatayu fought and bled, When the agastga deceitful Ravan with my trusting Sita fled. Have a great day!

Advanced knowledge in the ancient world

Divine is never born and has many forms- Wondered how? But the high concurrent knowledge of Chemistry in India is a never-to-be-disputed fact.

Egnlish the end of the Holocene period. The English translation of the Garuda Purana: Originally posted by pritishxsinha Originally posted by Hanslune Again point to the original document, ie a translation of the ancient document by a noted scholar.

Spirituality – Akhand Shastra

What was probably the first non-stop flight was made not from New York to Paris but from Ceylon to a place near modern Delhi, if the records are correct. Without proper medicine, life spans are cut drastically and humanity has to face many hardships before there can be a solid footing to even begin the process of starting over.


Yeah so your evidence is that you believe it but cannot point to the where that bogus ‘evidence’ came from Originally posted by Blane Well Hans, you’re right that there isn’t much evidence to prove it. Many sites and newspapers provide that location of these verses which I have provided, but I don’t believe on the locations due to the different formats I saw in different places.

Is Indian Constitution Secular to Hindus?

One of the prayers of undoubted antiquity, repeated every day in India by the twice-born at the time of meals, somewhat in the spirit of a Christian blessing, is as follows: Chapter C – Worship of Vinayakas Durga. Chapter CIV – Signs of sinful souls.

Kokatnur deduced that the desired juice might be tannin for that is one of the chemicals contained in the sap of this particular tree. Description of dry batterieselectroplating processes, balloon Technology of ancient India is exemplary.

The originality and aptness of these names is cited by Dr. I’m not sure how this reflects on what sqmhita of tech humans had such a long time ago. Then it was re-printed.

Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Pushpak Vimana was owned by Ravana and later by Vibhishana who went with Rama for his coronation ceremony to Ayodhya after vanavasa.

Very valuable scientific information about India and sage Agastya. The papers, as read by Dr.