Chironius is a genus of New World colubrid snakes, commonly called sipos savanes, or Chironius flavopictus (F. Werner, ); Chironius foveatus Bailey, ; Chironius fuscus (Linnaeus, ) – brown sipo; Chironius grandisquamis . Continent: Middle-America South-America Distribution: Panama, SE Colombia, S Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana, E/C Brazil (Bahia, Espirito. PDF | The colubrid snake Chironius fuscus (Colubridae) is a widely distributed species in South America, exhibiting a disjunct distribution.

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There are 22 described species in this genus with the last species being described in Chironius Fuscua bicarinatus Chironius scurrulus Scientific classification Kingdom: Reptiles of the Yachana Reserve. Check List 10 5: Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 4: National Center for Biotechnology Information http: The snakes of Bahia State, northeastern Brazil: Global Vision International, pp.


Snakes of South America.

Brown sipo

Conservation of Mesoamerican Amphibians and Reptiles. The amphibians and reptiles of Manu National Park and its buffer zone, Amazon basin and eastern slopes of the Andes, Peru.

The crocodilians, lizards, and snakes of North America.

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Technical Books Editora Ltda. Herpetological Natural History 1 1: Chironius fuscus Linnaeus, Serpentes: Global Vision International, pp. Beschreibungen einiger neuer Schlangen und Batrachier.

Scientia Guaianae, Caracas, No. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolutiondoi: New records for amphibians and reptiles from Departamentos Pasco and Ucayali, Peru.

This colubrid snake article is a stub. Die Schlangenfauna von Pozuzo Peru Reptilia: Colubridaefrom Brazilian Amazonia. The biology of an equatorial Herpetofauna in amazonian Ecuador. Herpetological Natural History 6 2: Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Smithsonian Herpetological Information Service We also present meristic and morphometric data of the southernmost populations of the species.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Check List 10 4: Cosenza, Ana Paula V.

Brown sipo – Wikipedia

Can you confirm these amateur observations of Chironius fuscus? Conservation Biology 9 4: Peruvian snakes from the University of Arequipa.

Annotated checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Cuzco Amazonico, Peru. Check List 6 2: WilliamsJeff Boundy External links National Center for Biotechnology Information http: Check List 6 2: