17 Apr Cordys Process Factory delivers Business Process Management (BPM) technology in the cloud, bringing it to enterprises of every shape and. 18 Sep BOP supports this now for BPM-s as well by allowing users to attach . The fundaments tutorial teaches novice Cordys BOP4 users. 14 Jan Self study environment. Link: +BOP- 4+Self+Study+Training+Environment. – Fundamentals Tutorial.

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Consider the following table for this business process:.

BPM and Cordys BOP4

The sandbox even provides an example MySQL database with content and web services. Before you begin this task: Maybe already in Q1? After more than an hour coordys finished discussing all exercises and the interview was over.

That implies that the same approach is used to setup the BOP4 environment itself: Every language sensitive element in Cordys will be candidate subject to multi language support. For free, and it can be taken anytime, anywhere!

Geplaatst door Harald van der Coddys op 2: This concerns topics that elaborate certain topics in the fundamentals, but also subjects tutorixl have not been covered yet before like Business Activity Monitoring BAM or Case Management. It appeared to take only a couple of days before I received and confirmed an invitation.


For Oracle goes a similar story. Multi browser support Cordys claims that BOP4. Though it was not completely clear to me what exactly is in scope for 4.

I needed my time so I just had about 10 minutes left coedys reconsider the questions I was not sure about. And — more important – the prerequisite to take the second, practical part.

The exam tool allowed to mark questions to review them later provided there is still time left! Indeed I was able to reuse some NorthWind database tables and webservices, so that was a little advantage.

At the meantime I chose a nice piece of wall in my office to proudly present my future Cordys certificate! Download the zipped VM Ware environment It is rather big: Introduction Maintenance of Business Objects is required for most business processes.

BPM and Cordys BOP4: Getting started with BOP4: Cordys Academy self study Training

Multi language support BOP4 offered very limited language support. Run the VM image 4.

On the other hand: One of the work arounds is to model these mappings in the BPM itself, obscuring the intended business functionality. More productive because of less required steps and objects.

Now, the ExecuteProcess Web service operation is associated with data. The sandbox even allows to use an external SVN version control system to store and version all work products externally from the VM Environment.


OpenText Cordys documentation : Triggering a Business Process Model from an XForm

It provides the North-Wind demo, and likely some of the artifacts or database tables could be reused in the exam exercises. The so-called “case workers” are in general professionals with specialized skills, who should decide per case what action to take and at what time, and what information is relevant to the case.

The generic aspects that apply to each case instance e. A business process model can be designed for a particular type of customer or market. BPM model simply by dragging and dropping it on the canvas. To have an idea: MDM therefore is the preferred way to manage business data. Start a browser session for the moment IE7 or IE8. Confident I waited the result. Good news in an overcrowded country like the Netherlands, where distances are short, but travel times sometimes long!

It allows to define data objects based on Schema fragments.