Races of Eberron. This document presents versions of several races from the D&D world of Eberron: changelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforged. For more . Races of Eberron (D&D manual).jpg. Genre, Role-playing game. Publisher, Wizards of the Coast. Publication date. April Media type, Print. ISBN ยท 0- Races of Eberron is a supplement to the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more!.

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A dm ebwrron be in control of how quickly the party gets loot. And if you are not running an Eberron campaign and want to use the races, this is a great option for just that. So that’s equivalent to full plate, that also scales with level, instead of waiting on DM-dependent loot drops.

Kestrel is a managing editor for Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Why is the ability mathematically fine? The official article on their website has the same link.

Player Races – Eberron Unlimited

Especially since it cant stack with stuff like forge cleric. Emily rated it really liked it Jul 11, Retrieved from ” https: Is that at level one?

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It’s fine that they get more AC than other races because that’s their thing. Beasthide Shifters are going to become the go-to for Barbarians. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Given that Warlocks can do basically the same at level 2 via Ebedron, the shape change is OK as is. The intent is for everyone to act as civil adults. Lets compare that to a half Orc. Respect the opinions of others – Each table is unique, just because someone plays differently to you it does not make them wrong.

It’s not such an advantage that it breaks bounded accuracy because it is possible for other races to match their AC with magical items. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: In fact, I think old Changeling needed a little extra, and am taces to see eberro of that in this UA.

I like Divergent persona but expertise seems excessive and not really on theme. And the warforged AC requires zero Strength investment even for heavyno weight at all, and is worn at all times without any issue.

Races of Eberron

Morgan Mcleod rated it really liked it Jul 07, Also immunity to disease but I feel like that doesn’t come up often. Exhaustion is mostly rare, with one exception – overland travel. It’s comparable to a Warlock getting infinite Disguise Self at level 2 via Invocation This higher AC is not going to upset delicate game balance and cause campaigns to come crashing to the ground. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


These rules support Option 3, but exclude the other possibilities. Its probably a bit much to get all Wisdom checks with advantage. Skyler rated it it was ok Jul 24, And the feats and such listed are also fine additions. Thank you – I agree with you on the warforged. I think the half-proficiency fix is fine.

Not many, but they were there. If that’s too much, give two less-powerful artisan tools to help with various disguises rather than one Expertise tool that’s almost certain to be lockpicks.

Races of Eberron

I agree that the frightening visage isn’t really necessary. Making the assumption that everyone will have magic is contrary to 5e’s design.

Mot having to eat or drink also hardly comes up, since few DMs track that sort of stuff.