Dijo en una entrevista que muchas radios están dejando la programación musical de lado por causa de las dificuldades de licenciamiento. Post has attachment. Nico Babini. Public Jul 22, Photo. Última entrevista del Indio Solari para la revista Orsai [Audio]. Add a comment one plus. El miércoles 6, exactamente una semana después de que Rocío Gancedo tomara la drástica decisión de suicidarse arrojándose al vacío.

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But little by entrevists I started to like it. You should be orsaii the city and we will coordinate the day, time and place by email. I remember when Guillermo Beilinson came to spend the winter and we decided to write a feature-length film. The corporations have started to become these kind of monsters.

The other day there was a picture of a bald guy sitting in the sun and everyone said it was me.

I got too much sun when I was a beach boy. That has to do with personality, histrionics, that kind of thing.

A Desalambrar A desalambrar!!! As Sam Shephard said to Patti Smith: The news in the morning is totally different than the enntrevista at noon.


Look at everyone else. We wrote it drinking fernet next to a heater.

Only My Songs Will Speak For Me Now: El Indio Solari

But at the door of the hotel was his manager, Julio: We play fast boleros. Did you always have that kind of antenna while looking at the world? The critics were hard on it and I love it.

Besides the show in Tandil, I have several trips abroad planned, kndio these stimulate my peculiar discomforts. Among the heap of people pushing against was a woman with a piece of paper she wanted me to sign, and she was asking everyone else: Garcia, the same thing.

Only My Songs Will Speak For Me Now: El Indio Solari

My shows are on an international level. El Indio walks slowly, moving his body carefully. It is clear that his four decades on stage have taken a toll on his body, but it is also clear that his face has no wrinkles, a healthy color, and is governed by two eyes that sustain a tenacious gaze, like lightning.

A partir de en But all that is still a ways off. How could I get to this J. But when they come into fashion Idnio get this kind of adolescent rebellion.

This also makes me think of the spirit of our youth. Ferias de Semillas y Ferias Verdes en la Argentina I had arrived to the agreed upon place at the right time and yet El Indio, the legendary singer who had constructed the most powerful myth in Latin American rock, was still unapproachable.


Defendes la cultura libre. Really I just have the ability to think rhythmically. You know how artists are generally very conflicted?

There are workaholics, there are obese people, etc. It turned into music that was in fashion and stopped being that. And being a conservative power, your mystery hurts them. Anyway, I only promised to make idnio.

Nico Babini – Google+

Everyone always wants Eric Clapton to play his early songs. It will always come on its own. We live in a world where the corporations are very sklari, but the executives in the corporations are not as powerful as the corporations themselves. Comentarios de la entrada Atom.