Here is the answer key for the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET ) held on Sunday, 9th December JMET results are used for entrance to . JMET Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from JMET Solved question paper JMET sample question paper. JMET () – Q uestion Paper. SECTIO N 1: VERBAL CO MMU N ICATIO N (Q uestions ). Directions: In Q uestions 1 and 2, fill in the blanks w .

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Again the story becomes more complex when these questions are asked about speakers who have two or more languages.

But entrepreneurship is not just about owning a small business. If the percentage growth rate between the financial years and was maintained, the total revenue for the year would approximately be A Rs.

When you get the Test Booklet, make sure that the Booklet is in sealed condition. B Entrepreneurs are the main actors in economic growth. The second set of questions concerns the role of meaning and concepts in linguistic organization. Select the most logical order of the sentences. It has always seemed that if we could unravel the mystery of how knowledge is stored it would lead irrevocably to understanding how it is learned, how it is used, and, perhaps most intractably of all, how it is made conscious.

In the paragraph below, each line numbered 1 to 4 has one wrong word. The test requires knowledge of basic mathematics arithmetic, algebra, matrices, trigonometry, mensuration, plane and co-ordinate geometry, calculus, set theory, probability and statistics etc.

The papeg extract has been taken from a letter written by an insurance company to one of ppaper customers.

A soft eraser should be used for erasing any darkened bubble if required. He collapsed following a vigorous exercise session at the mmet. D Entrepreneurs do not own or operate small business.



Choose the most appropriate answer for the next three questions. Out of the 40 questions in total 15 questions were based on RC and remaining 25 on language usage. No student can take part in more than one project. Five students are participating in a contest. Open the seal of the Test Booklet only after having been instructed to do so by the invigilator.

Three teams are to be made in such a way that each student has to be a member of one and only one team. There are no other routes to or from the above locations in the city. D The production of soft drink bottle openers doubled this year. The test begins with the distribution of the Test Booklets.


There were 5 caselets in this section with each papr having 6 questions in it. You should remain seated after completing the test. Seven MBA students are to be assigned projects, as part of their curriculum. JMET paper had questions in total and was of 2 hours in duration.

How does each language connect with a system of meaning? Once the test starts, you will not be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason till the test is over and all other formalities laper completed. Third caselet was based on Venn Diagram on advertising cost and the number of readers of a certain newspaper.

Information on the right half of the ORS should be written in ink wherever indicated. These are the questions that underlie the study of the development of mental representation for bilingual children. Pape research has typically approached research questions jme examining and attempting to understand the stable state, namely, the adult mind. The candidate must not mark the answers on an ORS having a code different from the code printed on the Test Booklet. The old woman next door is a imet person A Senile.


Why do contexts change the way we interpret language? In all matters concerning JMETthe decision of the Institutes will be final and binding on the applicant.

Nothing should be written either in ink or in pencil, in the space used for printing the Barcode on the ORS.

JMET Sample Paper

The first set of questions concerns the relation between the two languages. The Central idea of the passage is that: Investigating this issue includes two sets of related questions that can nonetheless be examined separately. Then, identify which response option A, B, C, or Dgiven jmwt, has the correct combination of words that would make the paragraph read correctly.

A,Paepr,C, D, Q.

JMET Question Papers | JMET Previous year Papers | JMET Model Papers from

Also, the top and bottom jmeet are 3 cms. Fill in the mjet in this extract with the most appropriate words. C An owner of a large business may be an entrepreneur. Sample questions for each of the four sections are provided below. Which of the following locations cannot be avoided while traveling from F to H? All the rough work should be done only on the blank pages of the Test Booklet.

The mechanisms by which this happens and the stages through which it progresses are jmrt subject of much research in developmental psycholinguistics. If the seal is found broken or tampered with, please bring this matter immediately to the notice of the invigilator. No extra papers will be provided. Data Interpretati on Questions 18 are based on the above graph, which depicts the performance parameters of LMN Ltd, for ten years.