Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Jotun’s Colour Gallery. Discover the adventure of colour. Create unique paint colour palettes for your home. See how we have reinvented living spaces with our new generation of colours. Wall painted by Jotun Fenomastic City Motions Collection. City Motions. Feel adventurous and experiment with unique colour palettes for your home. As pioneers in colour technology, we offer a wide range of trendy colours.

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Earthbound neutrals meet and enhance more vibrant nuances, creating strong lines, fresh looks, and spaces that nourish creative possibility. Choose a base colour 2. Combining colours from the same column will give you a harmonic and coherent colour expression in different rooms your home.

Choose and edit your palette 4. Calm shades, unforgettable greens and blues, mesmerising pinks and yellows, for all-time classic walls.

Color experience may be different under different lighting conditions. Inspired by industrial design, whether through contemporary greys, hypnotic black, brick reds and rusted oranges, these muted and bright colour combinations are as cutting-edge as ever. Here is the place to simply explore colours and find fresh inspiration. Combine neutrals with powerful accent colours to create striking effects. Always and everywhere, nothing outdoes the elegance of pastels, light shades and near whites.

At Jotun we take pride of being the pioneers when it comes to colour technology. By using our websites, you are accepting our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Deep earthy reds, sensuous peaches, greens and autumnal browns carry a promise of simpler living.


Discover our new colours and get colour advice and tips on how to create your own dream home.

Our Colours

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We’ve designed this colour card to be an easy-to-use, at-a-glance tool to create your perfect interior palette. Find the right white Choosing the perfect white is essential to accentuate details and create a harmonious interior scheme. And, thanks to Jotun Colour Assurance, every colour shown on the card is exactly as it will appear on your wall — no reproductions or approximations, just pure, notun colour.

Joun exterior paints are designed to make walls stand out, time after time. Thank you for registering Your download will begin shortly. A contemporary, boldly feminine palette balances rawness and refinement, the hand-crafted and clean-lined modernity. Colour and Inspiration Colours Gallery.

This new cooor of neutrals creates the finest balance between the cleanliness of minimalism and the energy of colour. Be colot by our Colour Gallery Add personality to bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas with colour and pattern.

As pioneers in colour technology, we bring you an opportunity to create your dream spaces with the perfect colours. Asymmetries and unusual combinations can imbue the space with playful eccentricity; neutrals teamed with bolder shades can surprise the eye.


Whether applied to traditional houses or contemporary architecture, these colours exude serenity and paldtte. Colours for outdoors painting. Select another country for your data sheet. Select another country for your pa,ette sheet. Discover spaces that are fresh and bright, coloured with a new and modern palette of soft neutral tones and warm, subtle contrasts. The correct color reproduction and quality can only be guaranteed by using Jotun’s products mixed over Jotun Multicolor Color System.

Please try again later. Are you looking for Colours? Changes in colour create new contexts and moods, while every eclectic article in our homes forms the personal story of our homes. Your home is your canvas to experiment and explore.

See your imagination come to life

We use cookies to ensure jotu we give you the best experience on our website. You will now recieve an email with a link to confirm your subscription. Reground yourself in modern rustic spaces — easy on the eye and stirring to the paette. Add personality to bedrooms, living rooms and dining areas with colour and pattern. Inspired by the assimilation of European architecture by the Arab World in the midth century, our soothing teals and neutrals are indeed inspiring.