Mario Puzo. The Sicilian. BOOK I. MICHAEL CORLEONE. CHAPTER 1. MICHAEL CORLEONE stood on a long wooden dock in Palermo and watched the. 9 Apr Remember, in The Godfather, when Michael Corleone had to hide out in Sicily for a while before coming home to start taking over the Corleone. The secret is that he soon discovers promises greater success than Michael hoped for – and the cruelest threat he has ever faced. Once again, Mario Puzo has.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Puzo claims that the Mafia were behind the disatrous results of this attack, and this might well have been the case to some extent. Easy to read and well written. Whatever was the case at Portella della Ginestra, I feel that Puzo paints a rather too sympathetic portrait of a bandit who murdered many people. And since this is a story, after all, and sicilixn entertaining, it can be easily accepted. Not as great as “The Godfather”.

Nov 18, Vikalp Trivedi rated it liked it Shelves: Neither have I read enough maeio in crime-genre to compare it against others of its kind. Please add Audible edition. Aug 11, Giacomo rated it really liked it.

The Sicilian – Wikipedia

He was legendary throughout Sicily, and children concluded their prayers at night saying, ” And Turi’s fearless doings attract the attention of postwar power-broker Don Croce, who’s in need of a “warrior chieftain” to supplement his non-violent spread of Mafia control. The Godfather has commanded Michael to bring a young Sicilian bandit named Salvatore Guiliano back with him to America.


In many places the situations are stratched by uselessly describing the personality of the protagonist siciliaan it is repeated again and again throughout the novel. The story tells about the history of Sicily, the face of the Mafia [which is not called that way at all in Sicily] and how Turi Guiliano became a sort of Robin Hood while robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.

It’s only that, living in a world where this perfect combination is unheard of, it kind of makes you question the credibility of sicikian book. Silvestro completes this task, proving his loyalty, and they attach a letter to his body that said “So die all who betray Guiliano”.

To my surprise I feel immense contempt for reading a supposedly praised book of Puzo because I actually find it extremely disappointing. Turi was carried by Aspanu to a local monasterywhere he was taken care of by the monks there, helped by the Abbot Manfredi, a close friend of Aspanu.

I strongly recommend this book! It is regarded as The Godfather’ s literary sequel. Books by Mario Puzo.

The book ,unlike the Godfather ,has fewer characters,with each of them beautifully sculptured by Puzo’s brilliance.

It is not actually a sequel to Godfather, it just shares some common characters.

The Sicilian by Mario Puzo

Don Croce sicillian with Italy’s Minister of Justice Franco Trezza, draw up plans to mount a great offensive against Guiliano, but intend to use these plans to blackmail Guiliano to use his influence to swing the upcoming election for the Christian Democrats. The assassination attempts on Guiliano increased, but he evaded them all, suspicious of all who came into contact with him.

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The unfortunate thing is that it detracted from the real story, and that is the tale of Salvatore Giuliano, the famous bandit of Sicily. Indeed, he is so successful that he treads on the toes of the Mafia dons, and threatens their livelihood. Nov 30, Salman Tariq rated it really liked it. Michael is taken to Guiliano’s house where he meets Turi’s parents and Gaspare “Aspanu” PisciottaGuiliano’s second in command.

The Sicilian

Sadly, thriving on unwanted details and a vain story, this book also features folly and unintelligent writing. Turi was shot, but he also managed to shoot his attacker, a police Sergeant, through the eye.

Jul 31, Ram rated it really liked it Shelves: To view it, click here. Island of the Assassin. The last eight or so chapters were the most gripping but The Sicilian for me lacked the intrigue of The Godfather and just didn’t ring out to me as much as its predecessor This was okay.

This book is betterbut less famous than “The God Father”; because of less Americanized heroic suitableness. The Socialists picked up many seats. He deals with his enemies swiftly, and with prisoners justly. It’s fair to say the author romanticised Guilliano a lot, but that is not really a crime. Trivia About The Sicilian.