19 Apr MicroStrategy Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Resumes. 20 Sep Looking for Microstrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended. 17 Sep Looking for MicroStrategy Interview Questions with Answers? Here we have compiled set of questions from the students who have attended.

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The standard filtering the report filter interacts with the metric filter in the normal way and what we obtain will be formatted according to the report filter settings Question A report limit specifies a set of criteria used to restrict the data returned in the report data set after the report metrics are calculated.

Report caches are shared in a cluster and Object caches on each MicroStrategy Intelligence Server node are synchronized. Project Merge does not do a dependency search, since all the objects in the project are to be copied.

This is actually one of the best features available in it till date. This can be done without the actual modification to the actual physical database or the DBA involvement. Select statistics and define the what you want to log. Using Level Metrics Example 2: Object caches are synchronized across all cluster nodes. View Filters are the conditions that come into play before a specific result is presented to the user.

So, if the node crashes, then the node will rejoin the cluster automatically upon startup Question These are required when in the same report you need to roll up a metric at two different levels side by side. Microstrategy Narrowcast Server’s world-class clustering and fail-over ensures support for mission-critical 24×7 systems. What Are Attribute Roles?

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Investigative reporting, using pivoting, sorting, slicing, and drilling to more detail, can be performed with simple mouse clicks. Unterview are report caches and how many types are there?

There are number of them. Q24 What according to you is the purpose of Business Intelligence?

Microstrategy Interview Questions & Answers

Row level security is imposed by having user specific security filters for various records. This profile controls access to application functionality, specific reports or particular data for individual users or groups of users. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server integrates with other system microstrateyy software. Underneath are the commonly asked MicroStrategy job interview questions and answers and MicroStrategy jobs role which can make you feel relaxed to face the interviews: The individual documents intervkew be maintained by different users and they can have the following unique qualities: MicroStrategy Intelligence Server provides one centralzed architecture for all users’ monitoring, reporting and analysis requirements.

The different attributes can be gathered together without changing the underlying metadata and ware housing structure.

When there is a need to join the columns which are dissimilar from one another, this approach is widely adopted. Microstrateg, this is possible and the users are free to get the results in the ansqers manner with this. MicroStrategy Intelligence Server automatically and appropriately processes all business questions by accessing a report cache or Intelligent Cube, or by generating dynamic SQL or MDX that is optimized to each data source platform.

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The Best MicroStrategy Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED]

Benefits of Intelligent Cubes include: Users can format their data into appealing reports using various formatting styles and anewers for maximum visual impact. This allows inteerview report creation and modification with no need to extract data from the data warehouse. Users can drill out of the dashboard to investigate across the data warehouse or multiple data sources and generate new information-rich reports. On the other hand Custom Groups are an overhead on the database as they fire ahswers separate SQL pass for every Custom group element.

In fact, all inner statistics of Intelligence Server are published to Performance Monitor and diagnostic logs. Flash-advanced visualizations have flash plug-ins that are maintained within the container of the advanced visualization. The other cluster nodes will then update their local object caches. Next step is to create the database and then to schedule the queries. Consolidations are used to define the data you want to view in your report.

The new calculation is performed without submitting a new request to the data warehouse.