Wonderlic offers pre-employment tests and student selection assessments. Home of the Wonderlic Test of cognitive ability, and tests for motivation, personality. If you fall into either of those buckets, or you are taking the short question version of the exam, then this Wonderlic test will give you a very realistic idea of. About the Wonderlic Test. The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test was created in , and designed to measure an individual’s general cognitive ability. Today, the.

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Football coaches want to command the locker room. Originally designed to aid in employee selection, the Wonderlic Personnel Test has also been used by both the United States Armed Forces and the National Football League for selection purposes.

It consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be wnoderlic in 12 minutes. Conversely, a number of other industries also have a target score that is considered most optimal for that profession.

The Wonderlic Behavioral Risk Profile test an individual’s three behavior traits: In the s Tom Landrycoach of the Dallas Cowboyswas the first to use the Wonderlic Personnel Test to predict player performance. A study found that the Wonderlic significantly predicted future arrests — referred to as criminal off-duty deviance — in NFL draftees.

Highly intelligent individuals sometimes gain acceptance into societies or want to associate with similar intelligent people. The idea behind this being that they want players that will follow directions and be a team player, not necessarily those that will think too much for themselves.

No time for our 50 question test? April is the time of the pro football draft—a time when the physical performance of pro football candidates is closely measured and compared.


Archived from the original on January 7, Take a sample wonderlic test! The Wonderlic Personnel Test format is 50 multiple choice answers with a minute time limit.

Test Your Wonderlic Score vs. Football Stars | Football IQ Score

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Identify question types that you struggle to answer quickly and work on the skills to help you answer those questions more quickly.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest differs from the Wonderlic Personnel Test in that it is not proctored giving employers a general idea of the tes applicant’s cognitive ability. We use cookies to provide a better browsing experience. How Is the Wonderlic Test Scored? Retrieved March 21, Best Wonderlic Score Ever? The Wonderlic test will also contain a number of mathematical word problems which will test your mathematical abilities with questions covering operations using fractions, decimalsand algebra.

Results 0 of 50 questions answered correctly Your time: The Wonderlic Personnel Test formerly known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is a popular group intelligence test used to assess the aptitude of prospective employees for learning and problem-solving in a range of occupations. The Lyons study also found that the relationship between Wonderlic test scores and future NFL performance was negative for a few positions, indicating the higher a player scores on the Wonderlic test, the worse the player will perform in the NFL.

What is wondelric good score on the Wonderlic?

The Wonderlic d, as a vocational and intelligence test, falls under the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. InWeaver and Boneau reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology that two of the five forms, A and B, that were published at the time were harder than the others which caused scores on those forms to be significantly lower than scores obtained on forms C—F. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


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50-Question Wonderlic Test

In an article written in Psychological ReportsT. Slowly the rest of the league adopted the practice and it has been a part of the NFL for many years now. What is a Wonderlic score? While it may seem like the most sought-after individuals are those with the highest Wonderlic scores, this is not always the case.

A simplified and condensed version of the Wonderlic test appears in newer editions of the Madden NFL video game series. Proving their performance text pressure is all that matters at the NFL Combine. All the employees at the store wear green aprons. In general, if you can achieve a score in the high 20s or 30s, your score will be at or above the 80th percentile, which is well above average.

Orlando March 6, In some cases, they are looking specifically for very high scorers and in others, they are looking for individuals to score in very specific ranges. Are you smarter than a football player?

Are you smarter than a football player?

The 50 question Wonderlic test is used by trst organizations for an initial pre-screening of job candidates. A number of different versions of the test have been developed to ascertain a wide range of qualities, such as personal traits, skills, cognitive ability, personality and even behavioral liability. Retrieved July 23, A score of 20 is intended to indicate average intelligence corresponding to an intelligence quotient of