THE FENCE Jose Garcia Villa. Summary: The setting is reflective of the kind of characters and the situation they would be in. The nipa huts look desolate and. SUMMARY OF THE FENCE The setting is reflective of the kind of characters and the situation they would be in. Communication Gap in the story The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa Essay Sample. Communication is the key to any relationship. However, it is quite common that.

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Her regret of she had done and think, whatwould be my life if i marry fenc other suitors instead of dodong? The life that would follow marriage would be heard The poet wrote metaphysically.

The story leaves the reader with many questions. The husband left without a word and never came back.

Jose Garcia villa is a great write coz aside from having nice story; he also had the point of view where we jos have the knowledge of something related to what will happen to us. He wanted to hide from them, to run away. What is the definition of art of Jose Garcia Villa?

She was shapeless and thin now, even if she was young. She substituted fresh ones for these, until finally, among the weather-beaten ones, rose bold green splits like stout corporals among squads of unhealthy soldiers. The story has no resolution; communication gap is still present in the lives of two women. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Cicadas sang and leaves of trees rustled. He was hesitant about saying it, but he wanted his father to know.

How desirable she was to him. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

What is ‘The Fence’ by Jose Garcia Villa all about

One of the shortstories he wrote was entitled Footnote. Banish little birds, graduate to tiger. For though the other was low, wind-bent, supported without by luteous bamboo poles against the aggressiveness of the weather, it had its eyes to stare back as haughtily as the other—windows as desolate as the souls of the occupants of the house, as sharply angular as the intensity of their fencd.

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I want to marry From the womb of AlingSebia—the wrong womb. Early marriage can result failure in your life.

And yet I would agree with Joaquin who posits that Villa was writing, indeed, as a Filipino. Marriage in the early s seems to be very important from what we read in chapters one to twenty-four.


They stood there on the roadside, they two alone, neighborless but for themselves, and they were like two stealthy shadows, each avid to betray the other. What is the Scope or limitation of the story? His mother Aling Biang asks him to rest while she prays to God.

JVP received numerous National and International awards and citations for literature, journalism, etc, the earliest international award being the prestigious Richard Reid Golden Award for International Journalism while on post graduate scholarship at the Notre Dame University in North Bend, Ghe in Thinking that since they are young, their love would be short, heallowed them to get married.

The moonlight was cold and white. Hastily AlingBiang stood up, wound her tapiz round her waist, covered her shoulders with a cheap shawl. He told hisparents what his plans. Aling Sebia seems gafcia remorseful as she matches the anger and hatred of Aling Biang.

I tried to understand the story bg I considered that the new partner of Aling Sebia is the husband of Aling Biang, who actually left after Aling Biang created the fence because he never like her wife’s action and Aling Biang ivlla tried to look for him.


He beckoned Dodong to come up. The memories will be splendid. I will pray alone. He waits for the girl to honor his muted request. What he had to say was of serious import as it would mark a climacteric in his life. If there is a gap, this means that there is no efnce amount of communication between the couple, which in turn means that there is insufficient transfer of emotions and other stuff. She was an ugly girl, even uglier than he was, but she was full-muscled, healthy.

It was late at night and Teang and the other children were asleep. But she loved Dodong The conflict of Jose Garcia Tence story is the issues that comealong with getting married young, especially with no regards forthe future.

After an hour the notes of the guitar started to play. She decided to lie down and sleep. I want your permission. He cracked his knuckles one by one, and the little sounds it made broke dully the night stillness.

Footnote to Youth was first published in and was written jsoe Garcia Villa. AlingBiang stood there by the window a long time.

Communication Gap in the story The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa | Essay Example

Magsaysay up to Pres. So brown were the nipa leaves jkse walled and roofed them that they looked musty, gloomy. Far eastern University awarded him the degree of Doctor in literature — honoris causa in A in at the University of Mexico and completed his M.