New age books. THEORIES OF THE. Chakras Bridge to Higher Consciousness. HlROSHI MOTOYAMA. New Age books. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Hiroshi Motoyama to the scholars. Motoyama will need no rd It gives me great. 1 Dec Theories of the Chakras by Hiroshi Motoyama, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions Part 1 Sit in siddhasana and assume chin mudra with the eyes closed and spine erect. Teaching Yoga Mark Stephens.

The sei points are very important, for it is here that ki energy enters and leaves the meridians. Fasting and water asceticism facilitate the emergence of the superconscious by slowing the body’s metabolism and quieting the areas of consciousness related to bodily functions.

Expand the stomach as much as possible, hold the air inside for a short period of time, then expel the air by belching. Prana is both more subtle and more fundamental than any gas.

Inhale then exhale through the left nostril, five times at normal speed. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Gaze at an object directly in front of your eyes. The aims of pranayama – to be detailed in later chapters – include: We have already seen how concentration on the tip of the nose stimulates the muladhara, due to the ida and pingala nadis which connect the two areas see Chapt. Exhale deeply and hold the breath outside.

This is a very important asana and should be practiced at least once every day. As long as the breath can be retained without strain.

Return to Book Page. For those who are already acquainted with current investigations into yoga and the psychic and spiritual sciences. Let us complete this chapter with a discussion of the beginning practices of yogic discipline, yama and niyama.


The first group consists of asanas for increasing the absorption of prana into the body and mind, and for tneories its flow.

Direct stimulation of one of these chakras generates a contingent effect upon the other. The objective awareness is one of these levels; subjective awareness is hiroahi absence of awareness is another. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. The Revd Fergus Butler-Gallie. This set, then, might be termed yang in relation to the other two, those that cannot be known by either the physical senses or the thinking rooted in physical sensations.

Theories of the Chakras

The length of the inhalation and exhalation should chakars equal for example, a count of five in and five out, or whatever rate you find comfortable. Each new stage should be attempted only when perfection is achieved in the preceeding stage. Refer to jalandhara bandha. Looking for beautiful books? For as long as possible without strain. Understood in this way, self-negation and self- realization are in no sense contradictory. After a comfortable period, release the banaha and breathe out.

Open the mouth and extend the tongue from the mouth. During the exhalation, feel the prana coming down from the sahasrara to the mitoyama via each chakra. Saliva is also produced, which removes feelings of thirst and hunger. Bandhas help improve physical health through massage of the internal organs, stimulation and regulation of the nerves, and the removal of stagnant blood. Next, shift your attention to the perineum.

Every form of matter has a nucleus, and so also has the mind.

Press the palms against the knees, raising the shoulders a little but keeping the elbows straight. Release the pressure of the thumb on the right nostril and then, pressing the side of the left nostril with the ring finger, breathe in and out at normal speed five times.


Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness – Hiroshi Motoyama – Google Books

Strong breezes or cold or dirty air should be avoided. Thus the rotation of the knees and elbows is beneficial; stimulation th the hips and shoulder joints has similar effects. Then the prana flow throughout the sushumna – the most important nadi – can be increased, and the passage purified. Practice in a well-ventilated room, with fheories care and only under expert guidance. Man now stands at the doorway of the spiritual dimension.

What is this total mind? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Hirowhi energy comes into the physical body from the Bindu visarga see Chap. Nevertheless, all available 26 teachings cite ten or fourteen nadis as being more important than the rest.

Theories of the Chakras : Bridge to Higher Consciousness

hieoshi Wandering in Darkness Eleonore Stump. For as long as the breath can be retained without strain. The teeth are clenched and the lips drawn back as far as possible. Now it is time to step boldly forward and investigate scientifically the experience of kundalini.

Sit with the legs extended and the hands on the floor by the thighs. The Psychology of Selling Brian Tracy. This asana is also very effective in awakening the manipura chakra. It is the unique record of the pioneering experiments which presents clear, electro-physiological evidence of the existence of the network of chakras and nadis which form the infra-structure of the subtle energies existing in the pranic and psychic dimensions, which mogoyama and activate the physical, material body of man.